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Providing More Alternatives: parts reverse-engineered, certified and manufactured

With more than 500 parts reverse-engineered, certified and manufactured in the past 5 years, Av8 PMA aircraft parts has the experience to save you both time and money.

More Options With Av8 PMA: Yoel Arnoni, Mike Washburn and Russell Eckhart. All three have been individually working on Hawkers as early as 1979, and they began working together in 1990.


With Repair Specification Approval as well as FAA-Parts Manufacture Approval, Av8 PMA uses the latest technology, combined with more than 20 years of engineering experience to aid in the reverse engineering of aircraft parts. This includes in-house laser-scanning and 3D printing. The team at Av8 PMA has the experience and resources to successfully navigate the certification process all the way through to manufacturing. The result is high-quality, certified replacement parts at a very competitive price.

We have extensive experience with both individual parts as well as assemblies. In addition to machined and sheet metal parts, we have also produced rubber seals and O-rings as well as Teflon parts. Additionally, we have worked with electrical and hydraulic components, specialized hardware and much more.

PMA Parts and Counting


Customers may benefit from increased parts availability for hard to find or unsupported parts.


Customers may benefit from increased parts availability for hard to find or unsupported parts.


Av8 PMA aircraft parts are FAA approved and EASA certified and use modern processes and materials to ensure the highest quality.


Rain Erosion Shield Patch

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Frequently asked questions

FAA- PMA stands for “Federal Aviation Administration – Parts Manufacturing Approval”. It is most easily thought of as a FAA manufacturing license in that it is one method by which the F.A.A. conveys airworthiness to an aircraft part. A PMA part is typically a replacement for an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) part.

The two biggest reasons are price and availability. OEM parts are becoming hard to get or they are becoming much too expensive.

No. this approval is independent of a repair station approval.

Yes, FAA-PMA’s are non-exclusive approvals, but there is a high barrier to entry to obtain them. A FAA-PMA holder must demonstrate to the FAA, not only that their replacement part is “Equal to or better than” the part it replaces. But they also have to have manufacturing quality system that demonstrates that they are capable of manufacturing an aircraft part.

Yes. We use an FAA approval method, call Test & Analysis or Test & Computations (sometimes referred to as reverse engineering).

A PMA part must be marked with the letters “FAA-PMA” on the part itself and/or the packaging. A PMA part must also be supported by a PMA supplement letter that shows what part it replaces and its installation eligibility.

NO. we can also get FAA Approval for Certified Repair Stations to use replacement parts through a repair process specification.

Remember two things: 1) Both OEM and PMA suppliers adhere to the same rules, and 2) PMA parts are considered equivalent and interchangeable by the FAA and other certifying regulatory authorities.