Component & Landing Gear Overhaul Services

Specializing in the overhaul and repair of corporate aircraft landing gear, electrical, mechanical & hydraulic components, AV8 MRO has decades of experience in the development, implementation and certification of overhaul processes that deliver outstanding value to their customers.


Landing Gear Overhaul


Landing Gear Overhaul

As an FAA Approved Repair Station and EASA-Approved Repair Station, AV8 MRO offers solutions for components such as:

  • Landing Gear
  • Flap Screw Jacks
  • TKS Panels
  • Stabilizers & Flight Control Surfaces
  • Servo Overhaul
  • Actuator Overhaul (Leading Edge)
  • Valve Overhaul (Anti -skid Control)
  • And Many Others
Exceptional Value In Landing Gear Overhaul For Hawker Operators

The Av8 Group has successfully revamped Hawker landing gear overhaul processes over the past three decades in order to save operators time and money. We are now offering the same value to Phenom operators.

By utilizing our in-house engineering and PMA part manufacturing capabilities when possible, the Av8 Group can offer the industry’s only truly “Fixed Price” landing gear overhaul.  

This means big savings to operators of these aircraft.  For more detail, please click on the Fixed Price video, then call 713—589-2669 or email support@av8mro.com today.

Fixed Rate Vs Flat Rate
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