Av8 MRO Announces New PMA Replacement Parts Division


Houston, TX, October 11, 2017- Av8 MRO is pleased to announce a new division within the company, Av8 PMA, which specializes in engineering, certification, and manufacturing of specialized replacement parts under their FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) for aircraft operators, parts distributors, and certified repair stations.

The Houston-based company has over 20 years of experience certifying parts and used that skill to develop the concept of Av8 PMA. The Av8 MRO personnel has experience with both individual parts as well as assemblies, machined and sheet metal parts, rubber seals, O-rings, and Teflon parts. In addition, they have worked with electrical, hydraulic components, and specialized hardware.

Av8 PMA uses the latest technology available in their PMA manufacturing process including laser scanning, 3D printing, and Coordinate Measuring Machines that are accurate to 1/10,000th of an inch ensuring quality and fit. Av8 MRO’s FAA-PMA allows the company to release parts to the market with PMA approval or work with certified repair stations to distribute and repair parts for internal use.

“Our objective with Av8 PMA is to provide our customers with high quality certified replacement parts at the most competitive prices,” said Yoel Arnoni, Principal, Av8 MRO. “In the last five years our experience has helped us engineer, certify, and manufacture over 500 replacement parts. We have been manufacturing parts for our other business unit already, and it made sense to expand these capabilities to other parts and other markets,” continued Arnoni.

Conveniently located in Houston, TX, Av8 MRO is an FAA and EASA-Approved Repair Station with in-house
capabilities to repair and overhaul all series of Hawker landing gear and major component parts. Av8 MRO also has FAA Repair Specification Approval to manufacture replacement component parts, and has approval for almost 400 parts for the Hawker landing gear.

Additionally, Av8 PMA, a division of Av8 MRO, specializes in the re-engineering, manufacturing and certification of PMA parts not limited to landing gear assemblies.

Av8 MRO also offers multiple FAA-approved component repairs that can save most major components from having to be replaced. To learn more or to schedule service with Av8 MRO please call 713-589-2668 or visit av8mro.com.