Av8 MRO Decreases Turn Time With Newly Acquired In-House Cadmium Plating And Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Houston, TX, November 17, 2015 — Av8 MRO, specialists in the overhaul and repair of Hawker landing gear, recently announced the addition of in-house, FAA-approved cadmium plating and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities. The additional capabilities, both critical in the overhaul of landing gear, will allow Av8 MRO to offer a more convenient experience to customers by delivering quicker turn times.

“Together, these in-house processes will typically reduce our turn time by one to two weeks, which is substantial,” says Yoel Arnoni, Principal with Av8 MRO.

When outsourced, a typical cadmium plating process is a week-long process after shipment time and other logistics. When outsourcing is not necessary, a typical cadmium plating process takes two days.

Av8 MRO’s new Non Destructive Testing shop will offer:

  • Liquid penetrant (PT)
  • Magnetic particle (MT)
  • Eddy current (ET)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)

“The addition of NDT and Cad plating capabilities was the logical next step for us, as these processes allow us to determine more quickly what is required for a particular landing gear overhaul, thus saving our customers time and hassle,” said Russell Eckhart, Accountable Manager with Av8 MRO.

Conveniently located in Houston, TX, Av8 MRO is an FAA and EASA-Approved Repair Station with the in-house capabilities to repair and overhaul all series of Hawker landing gear and major component parts. Specializing in the overhaul and repair of Hawker landing gear, Av8 MRO has the FAA Repair Specification Approval to make replacement parts, and to date, has approval for almost 400 parts for the Hawker landing gear.

Av8 MRO also offers multiple FAA-approved component repairs that can save most major components from having to be replaced. To learn more or to schedule service, please call 713-589-2668 or visit av8grp.com.