FAA-DER Approved Replacement Part for ACP Push Button on Airbus A300 Series

The Av8 Group is pleased to announce they now offer an FAA-DER Approved replacement part for the Audio Control Panel (ACP) Push Button assembly.

Over time with sustained and repeated use, the locking/toggle mechanism can become worn and cause button malfunctions. Av8 provides an updated switch housing unit designed for improved durability and reliability, restoring the part to a new condition, saving the end user significant money over the cost of replacement.

“We continue to add to our vast capabilities, providing our customers with the most cost-effective replacement parts,” stated Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

OEM: Cobham
OEM P/N: ACP2788AD01
LRU/SRU (P/N): ACP2788AD01, ACP2788AE01, RMP8000AA120101
Applicable Aircraft: Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A380 Series Aircraft