Develops STC For B737 Rain Erosion Shield Patch

The Av8 Group has developed and certified an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for the Rain Erosion Shield on the vertical stabilizers leading edge of B737 series aircraft.

Currently the vertical stabilizer leading edge of the B737 series aircraft is a one-piece composite structure made from aluminum and fiberglass. Over time, the fiberglass abrades and wears away, requiring repair. The fiberglass requires several layers to repair, which can take up to a full week to remove the leading edge and repair the section.

Av8 offers a patch for the repair in two forms, aluminum for aircraft without HF installed and a Quartz composite patch for aircraft that have HF installed. The patch is supplied complete with separate mounting plates. The plates are installed in the inside of the leading edge and the patch is then installed with screws through the leading edge, into the mounting plates. Access to the leading edge is facilitated via an access panel immediately above the fiberglass section. To facilitate the installation of the mounting plates, an optional drill guide may be purchased to quickly and accurately drill the correct hole pattern for the mounting plates.

“This advanced part replacement can be completed in just four hours, saving overall cost and downtime for the aircraft,” stated Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.