At the Av8 Group of companies, we have refined our expertise and years of industry experience in PMA parts, accessory and component MRO as well as AOG parts services into one common mission – To provide solutions for some of today’s most prevalent problems in the aircraft parts and component segment.

By combining our MRO experience with our PMA parts expertise, Av8 Group can deliver exceptional value on overhauls like hydraulic components, electrical components, mechanical components, landing gear and more. With potential savings up to 50% on these overhauls, it makes sense to see how The Av8 Group can redefine your options when it comes to component overhaul.

Hawker Landing Gear Overhaul Video - AV8 MRO


The New Standard In Landing Gear & Component Overhaul

The Av8 Group specializes in the overhaul and repair of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components including landing gear. As an FAA-PMA with an on-staff FAA-DER and full engineering department, the Av8 Group is uniquely positioned to provide unequaled value to their customers by incorporating PMA parts into their FAA and EASA-approved overhaul processes.  


Part Design, Certification & Manufacturing Solutions
With more than 500 parts reverse-engineered, certified and manufactured in the past 5 years, Av8 PMA has the experience to save you both time and money. More Options With Av8 PMA: Release PMA-approved Parts To The Market Sole-use Parts & Repair Processes For Certified Repair Stations
AV8 PMA Aircraft Parts Engineering Video
AV8 AOG Services


The Parts Professional

Av8 AOG – The Parts Professionals is a specialized group dedicated to the sales, sourcing and distribution of certified aircraft parts to both end users and MRO organizations alike.