Fixed Rate

Known Exposure

Standard Rate

Potential Lower Cost

Flat Rate Overhaul Includes:

AV8 MRO Fixed Rate pricing is a true flat rate that covers all additional billings for corrosion and normal wear and tear damage. This program is subject to acceptance by AV8 MRO before the rate is offered.

Landing gear will be accepted in this program if they meet all of the following:
Landing gear may be accepted in this program subject to records review if they meet the following:

AV8 MRO warranty for all overhauls is 12 Months from time of delivery. Turn time for overhauls is 4 weeks once in-house.

What is not included?

Standard Rate Overhaul Includes:

Also Included:

All repairs of major components requiring plating, grinding, or plasma spray. In addition to upper casings most gear will require major repairs on the following components: Axles, plunger tubes, retraction arms, drag stay pick up, upper and lower side stay arms and jack links.

What is not included?

*Note 1.  Under this program even if the engineering is not covered, the actual repair will be covered under the fixed rate