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Landing Gear Overhaul

FAA # 8AQR081C | EASA # 145.6484

Specializing in the overhaul and repair of Hawker landing gear, AV8 MRO has decades of experience in overhauling Hawker components.

An FAA and EASA-Approved Repair Station, AV8 MRO brings decades of experience in overhauling Hawker components, specifically the repair and overhaul of Hawker landing gear.

AV8 MRO has three principals: Yoel Arnoni, Mike Washburn and Russell Eckhart. All three have been individually working on Hawkers as early as 1979, and they began working together in 1990.

Yoel Arnoni

Yoel has been working on Hawkers and overhauling landing gear since 1979. In 1986, Yoel founded Arnoni Aviation, which quickly grew into the premier Hawker parts supplier and overhaul shop. In 2006 Arnoni was sold to BBA Aviation and now operates as Ontic Houston.

Mike Washburn

Mike began working on corporate jets in 1989, specifically on the Hawker series aircraft. In 1996, Mike joined Arnoni Aviation, where he developed and then led the Hawker landing gear overhaul shop. Over the many years he spent running the gear shop, he worked with both OEM Engineers and DERs to develop a host of repairs for gears and other major components. This extensive experience makes him one of the world’s leading experts on Hawker Landing Gear.

Russell Eckhart

Russell joined Arnoni Aviation directly from A&P School in 1992. He has held almost every position possible in a growing aviation company. Throughout his career he has held the title Shop Manager, Technical Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager and Repair Station Chief Inspector. In addition, Russell also held the position of Quality Manager, and the Continuing Improvement Program Development Manager and instructor. He also established and ran the in-house plating shop, and as part of his duties, he acted as the Environmental Safety Manager.

Do you have a specific question about our Hawker Landing Gear Service?

Frequently asked questions

We define an Overhaul, as when you send in your landing gear to our shop and we Overhaul your landing gear. In an Exchange we supply you with an overhauled gear from our stock in Exchange for your old (core) gear.

We offer a 4 week overhaul turn time. This means that it takes 4 weeks to overhaul a gear from the time it arrives at our shop until the time we ship it. Typically you can add an extra week for removing the gear from the plane and shipping it to us and another week to ship it back to you and reinstall it.

Yes we do make a core charge for an exchange gear. However, our core charge is between $ 50,000 and $ 70,000. That is far less than others who have a core charge in Excess of $ 300,000.

a. Yes. The only reason you may not get the entire core charge back is if you return your gear with parts missing.

b. We will refund your core charge within five days of the receipt of your gear. Others may hold your core deposit for up to 90 days.

Yes. Our overhaul replaces all parts that are worn, corroded or damaged.

A flat rate Overhaul or Exchange means that the amount of the bill is flat and will not go up. It is also known as a fixed rate. AV8’s flat rate covers all: inspections, NDT, plating, all unserviceable/rejected parts as well as all service bulletins and AD’s.

The only exceptions to a flat rate are if there are missing parts, damaged or incident related parts (i.e. not normal wear and tear). If the gear has been previously disassembled it does not qualify for a flat rate.

Simply, our standard rate covers a “normal overhaul” of a gear. All consumables, inspections and repairs as well as bushings are covered in our “standard rate”. However, if any additional parts need to be replaced due to wear, corrosion or damage, you will be charged in addition to the standard rate.

Billing for additional items can vary wildly. It is wholly dependent on the condition of your landing gear. We have seen additional bills for as little as $ 15,000 and as much as $ 85,000 but the average is around $ 30,000.

The Overhaul Manual, (the document that calls out all specifications for an overhaul) for this gear is published by the OEM. We purchased this manual from the OEM and subscribe to an on-line revision service, so we will always have the latest revisions.

We are both FAA and EASA approved to overhaul and repair Hawker landing gear.

Absolutely yes. We do this in many ways:
i. Our overhead and operating cost is a lot lower.
ii. We use DER repairs to salvage many parts that the OEM deems BER (Beyond Economical Repair)
iii. We manufacture many of the replacement parts ourselves at huge cost savings.

No. Many of the parts that are used on a Hawker landing gear are not proprietary. They are standard hardware. However they are British standard hardware. We go to the manufacturers in England directly for our hardware and pass the savings on to you. We also manufacture many of the parts we use at a savings.

The FAA and EASA provide methods of designing and manufacturing aircraft replacement parts, this is commonly referred to as PMA parts. In order to use a replacement part, first the design has to be approved by the FAA and then the manufacturing process also has to be approved.

 In order to be approved we have to demonstrate that our parts are at least as good as the original. However, many of our parts surpass the original parts specifications. The Hawker landing gear was designed and originally built in the 1960s. Many of the parts currently used on the gear are the same or almost the same as those parts. This means that they were designed using what are now obsolete materials and certainly old manufacturing methods. Our replacement parts are reengineered using current computer modeling and analysis and made from the latest aerospace materials and manufacturing techniques.

AV8 MRO has been in business since 2012. However, the principals at AV8 all came from Arnoni Aviation where they have been overhauling Hawker landing gear for over 20 years.

At this time there are only two shops that are overhauling Hawker landing gear, AV8 MRO and the OEM. It should not be a surprise that they only authorize themselves.

AV8 MRO is a highly specialized landing gear overhaul shop. At this time the only gear we overhaul is for the Hawker 125 series aircraft. It is all we do and we do it very well.

This question can be easily answered by asking one other question. “How much is four weeks down time worth to me” if the answer is $ 10,000 or more then you should do an exchange. We can have a gear at the facility of your choice and it can be swapped in a matter of days. If you can afford to leave your plane down for up to four weeks then you can save the extra expense of an exchange and go with an overhaul.

While our starting price for a standard overhaul is similar or the same the ending price after all additional items are added can be very different. Be sure and ask other operators what their experience has been. We are happy to give references.

We have been in business as AV8 since 2012 and overhaul an average of three gear sets a month. Before that at Arnoni Aviation we overhauled too many sets to know how to count them.

We get a call almost every month from operators who have elected to go to the OEM for their Overhaul. Unfortunately at this point we cannot help you. Once you are in their shop you have to stay the course with them. The best way to get a competitive overhaul is to come to AV8.

A 1st run gear is one that is original to the plane and has never previously been removed for Overhaul. A 2nd run gear is one that has previously been overhauled and is now due for its second overhaul.