New Dedicated Embraer Phenom 100/300 Landing Gear Overhaul Program

The Av8 Group is pleased to announce the company has received FAA approval to provide complete landing gear overhaul services for Embraer Phenom 100 and 300 aircraft. The new Embraer program is a result of the company’s deep resources in engineering, PMA parts certification and experience in redefining landing gear overhaul processes.

This new program offers operators truly Fixed Price pricing, which provides customers with the most inclusive overhaul along with the best price protection available in the industry. Qualifying gear just needs to meet two simple requirements for the Fixed Price program, which eliminates additional bills, exceptions and exclusions. This means that the price quoted is exactly the same as the final bill. Landing gear will be inspected and overhauled in accordance with OEM standards, as well as FAA and EASA Authorizations. Turnaround times are expected to be four weeks from equipment receipt and exchange gear will be available if needed.

The Av8 Group provides exceptional value for the Phenom 100 and 300 gear overhaul through the use of PMA parts, while being engineered and certified in-house to OEM and FAA specifications. The company anticipates a savings of 10% or more from traditional factory overhaul, along with confirmation of a firm completion date and locked pricing for each overhaul project. More information is available at

“The Av8 Group is very proud to be able to offer our services to Embraer operators around the world. We believe the 100 and 300 are very well-designed aircraft that deserve overhaul options of the highest quality. We are dedicated to providing the next level of landing gear overhaul so much so, that we have actually acquired two Phenom 100’s ourselves. They are outstanding airplanes,” said Yoel Arnoni, CEO.

New Facility Expansion

The Av8 Group is pleased to announce the completion of their 10,000 sq. ft. expansion at
their Houston location. This will provide additional space for their specialized service of landing gear and other
component overhauls.

The original facility occupied 20,000 square feet of space, and now with the added square feet will have a combined total
of 30,000 sq. ft. to service the growing requests for landing gear and component overhauls. The construction started last
fall and final touches were completed in March 2020 with the capacity to accept additional projects.

“This additional space will allow us to expand our capabilities even further, which we are excited about and we will be
announcing further details to the industry in the near future,”
said Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

FAA-DER Approved Solution for MCDU Keyboard Replacement

 The Av8 Group has developed an FAA-DER approved solution for the MCDU (Multipurpose Control Display Unit) Keyboard Replacement Unit in the Airbus A320, A330 and A340 aircraft.

The MCDU keyboards are used often and the paint can become chipped or faded, along with the buttons themselves completely breaking. The replacement kit, developed by Av8 in conjunction with Savvy Aerospace, brings the unit back to optimal operating condition and eliminates issues related to aging or worn keypad buttons.

“This approved solution cost significantly less than OEM replacement options and customers have two options of repair, either send in the unit for complete FAA 8130 certified repair or the PMA approved part can be shipped directly to the customer and they can install the parts themselves with the same certification,” said Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

OEM P/N: E3038AA, E30389BA, E19860AA, 245-9601 18-000
LRU/SRU (P/N): C19266AA01 to C19266DA01
Applicable Aircraft: Airbus A320, A330, A340 Series Aircraft
Part Number: 631-960263-001

FAA-DER Approved Replacement Part for ACP Push Button on Airbus A300 Series

The Av8 Group is pleased to announce they now offer an FAA-DER Approved replacement part for the Audio Control Panel (ACP) Push Button assembly.

Over time with sustained and repeated use, the locking/toggle mechanism can become worn and cause button malfunctions. Av8 provides an updated switch housing unit designed for improved durability and reliability, restoring the part to a new condition, saving the end user significant money over the cost of replacement.

“We continue to add to our vast capabilities, providing our customers with the most cost-effective replacement parts,” stated Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

OEM: Cobham
OEM P/N: ACP2788AD01
LRU/SRU (P/N): ACP2788AD01, ACP2788AE01, RMP8000AA120101
Applicable Aircraft: Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A380 Series Aircraft

Develops STC For B737 Rain Erosion Shield Patch

The Av8 Group has developed and certified an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for the Rain Erosion Shield on the vertical stabilizers leading edge of B737 series aircraft.

Currently the vertical stabilizer leading edge of the B737 series aircraft is a one-piece composite structure made from aluminum and fiberglass. Over time, the fiberglass abrades and wears away, requiring repair. The fiberglass requires several layers to repair, which can take up to a full week to remove the leading edge and repair the section.

Av8 offers a patch for the repair in two forms, aluminum for aircraft without HF installed and a Quartz composite patch for aircraft that have HF installed. The patch is supplied complete with separate mounting plates. The plates are installed in the inside of the leading edge and the patch is then installed with screws through the leading edge, into the mounting plates. Access to the leading edge is facilitated via an access panel immediately above the fiberglass section. To facilitate the installation of the mounting plates, an optional drill guide may be purchased to quickly and accurately drill the correct hole pattern for the mounting plates.

“This advanced part replacement can be completed in just four hours, saving overall cost and downtime for the aircraft,” stated Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

Announces New Sales Manager

Houston, TX, August 20, 2019 – The Av8 Group is pleased to announce that it is expanding their sales team with the addition of Jeff Favati, Sales Manager. Jeff will be responsible for sales and business development across all segments of Av8’s markets.

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. His background includes a variety of expertise in MRO & part sales, operations and component repairs management, along with airline operations. His previous positions composed of selling parts and services, while continuing with operations management, which included supply chain management, inventory, warehouse and logistics management and component repair management for airlines.

“We are excited to be expanding our sales team with Jeff, his many years of aviation experience and expertise will assist with our continued growth,” said Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

“I am eager for the opportunity to continue in the aviation industry while applying my career experience to build and grow with Av8,” Jeff Favati, Sales Manager.

The Av8 Group Adds Karen Winterrowd, Dallas Sales Office To Support Av8 AOG Service

Houston, TX, April 23, 2019 – The Av8 Group is pleased to announce that it is expanding their Av8 AOG parts unit with the addition of Karen Winterrowd as Sales Director and a dedicated sales office located in Dallas, TX. Karen will help support the sales of Av8 AOG services as well as services from the other units in the Group.

Karen has an extensive 20+ year history in aircraft parts sales and has held various positions in that time, including Operations Manager for Arnoni Aviation as well as others. She will be the second team member dedicated to the sales and support of Av8 AOG services including expedited AOG parts services, managed repair services, engineering and repair, inventory acquisition and liquidation as well as OEM and PMA parts sales and distribution.

“Karen is an outstanding addition to our Av8 AOG team. She had been successful with us in the Arnoni Aviation days, and I was excited to learn that she was interested in coming back into the fold. We look forward to her continued success as part of the Av8 Group,” said Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

Located in Houston Texas, Av8 Group, an FAA and EASA Authorized Repair Station and FAA PMA authority, combines three distinct subsidiary units; Av8 MRO, Av8 PMA and Av8 AOG. Each unit provides an unprecedented level of experience and capability, from PMA parts and engineering, accessory and component MRO to AOG parts sales, distribution and managed repair services. For more information, please visit, or call 713-589-2668.

The Av8 Group is Actively Expanding Parts Inventories For Hawker, Challenger And Other Major Airframes

Houston, TX, April 16, 2019 – The Av8 Group is pleased to announce that its Av8 AOG parts unit has acquired extensive parts inventories for Hawker 800A and Challenger 604/605 model aircraft. The Av8 AOG unit is focused on parts services including expedited AOG parts, managed repair services, engineering & repair, OEM & PMA parts sales and distribution as well as inventory acquisition & liquidation. The unit continues to actively expand inventories via aircraft purchased for part out and by acquiring flight department inventories whenever possible.

The Hawker 800A inventory has expanded Av8’s Hawker inventory rapidly and has made a number of major parts and components available to their customers which includes a large quantity of wheels, consumables and more. The Hawker parts acquisition also adds depth to their exchange pool by adding
additional landing gear and TKS panels in use by their Av8 MRO unit. The Challenger inventory has acted as a similar catalyst for that airframe.

“These two inventories are really just the beginning of our efforts to expand the depth and support that our Av8 AOG parts unit can provide to our customers. We are actively expanding to include other models of the Hawker and Challenger aircraft as well as several models of Gulfstream,” said Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group.

For more information on these parts or any others, please call Chris Lesniak at 713-589-2668 or via email at

Located in Houston Texas, Av8 Group, an FAA and EASA Authorized Repair Station and FAA PMA authority, combines three distinct subsidiary units; Av8 MRO, Av8 PMA and Av8 AOG. Each unit provides an unprecedented level of experience and capability, from PMA parts and engineering, accessory and component MRO to AOG parts sales, distribution and managed repair services. For more information, please visit, or call 713-589-2668.

Av8 PMA Names Gary Stephens as Engineering Manager

Houston, TX, April 24, 2018– Av8 PMA is pleased to announce it has named Gary Stephens as Engineering Manager for the Dallas facility.

Gary has 19 years of experience in aviation and began his career in aviation at The Infinity Partners in 1999, a small cabinet shop in Lewisville, TX, that designed and built custom aircraft interiors for Challengers and Global Express corporate aircraft. During his career Gary has held several positions from Mechanical Engineer, to Project & Principal Project Engineer at Associated Air Centers. His most recent position was with Cabinet Innovations as the Engineering Manager.

“We are pleased to bring Gary on-board at our new Dallas engineering facility,” said Yoel Arnoni, Principal, Av8 PMA. “His experience and knowledge with aviation engineering and its processes will be an asset to Av8 PMA as we expand the depth of our capabilities with PMA parts manufacturing and certification,” Arnoni continued.

Gary is responsible for management of all engineering project data accuracy from inception through completion. In addition, he will coordinate with customers, vendors and suppliers for any technical requirements or clarifications.