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Multipurpose Control Display Unit
The Problem

The Multipurpose Control Display Units in Airbus A320, A330 and A340 aircraft is the interface for data entry for multiple controls and functions on these aircraft.  With these units being used so often, the paint on the keyboard itself can become faded, chipped or the buttons themselves can break completely.  This leads to difficulty reading or improper functioning of the keyboard during use.

The Solution

The Av8 Group has developed an FAA-DER Approved solution for this issue that is significantly less cost than OEM replacement options.  Developed in conjunction with Savvy Aerospace, The Av8 Group offers a new replacement keyboard kit that brings the unit back to optimal operating condition and eliminates issues related to aging or worn keyboard keys.

Customers have the option of sending the unit to Av8 Group to have the old components removed and the new keyboard installed.  Your unit is thoroughly inspected, tested and returned to service with FAA 8130 certification. Alternatively, The Av8 Group can ship the PMA Approved parts to you with an FAA 8130, so you can install them yourself.